For the ultimate in convenience, choose onsite calibration services from Essco Calibration Laboratory.

Our coordinators handle all aspects of onsite calibration services, from scheduling to document delivery. They will also assign the appropriate field service calibration technicians and answer all of your instrument-related questions.

High-quality onsite calibration services from Essco:

  • Eliminate instrument downtime and the need for spares.
  • Minimize interruptions to your manufacturing process.
  • Ensure you’ll have no questions about where your instruments are or when they will be returned.
  • Allow you to schedule all your calibration services at once or periodically throughout the year.
  • Eliminate shipping costs and delays.

All the Onsite Calibration Capabilities You Need

Our onsite calibration capabilities include:

Don’t see the type of calibration you need? We still might be able to do it. Contact us today to learn about our full range of onsite calibration services.

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Onsite Calibration

Your Onsite Calibration Visit

To set up an onsite visit, please follow these steps:

  1. Send us a list of instruments to be calibrated and a PO number. Your documentation is required to ensure you obtain the correct service. If applicable, please specify the need for accredited service by including “ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration” on the purchase order.
  2. Schedule an onsite calibration technician to visit your company. Call our coordinators at 800-325-2201 x110 or x118 to make arrangements. You can select the combination of availability and technical expertise that works best for you.
  3. Prepare for the visit. Coordinate the timing of the visit with your instrument users and schedule workspace for use on the appointed days. Also, make security arrangements and stage the instruments for calibration (including shutdown and/or breakdown). Our calibration technicians will need a clean, well-lit area with 110V AC electrical power and stable temperature conditions.

Please note: Access to instruments should be arranged with the instrument users, including any lockout/tagout requirements. Also, be sure to designate a point person to supply the instruments to the technicians for calibration.