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The highest standards

Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017

People: Our 60+ metrologists are highly skilled and receive extensive ongoing training.

We are continually evaluating and improving all aspects of our quality system.

To best serve our customers, we invest in the most recent top-quality test and measurement equipment.

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We encourage current and prospective clients to audit our quality system and facilities. If you would like to make arrangements – or simply have questions about why you should work with an accredited vendor like Essco – please call 800-325-2201.

In lab calibration

In-Lab Calibration

Calibrate and repair instruments ranging from the simplest meter to the most complex multifunction calibrator in Essco's state-of-the-art lab.

In-Lab Calibration

On site calibration

On-Site Calibration

Limit disruption and increase efficiency with on-site calibration. Our highly trained technicians and dedicated support team will coordinate all aspects of your onsite calibration services, from scheduling to document delivery.

On-site Calibration

Lab standards

Primary Standards

Your laboratory standards are the basis for your organization’s most accurate measurements. Essco supports calibration standards for over 200 calibration labs with minimal disruption and maximum reliability.

Primary Standards

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Calibration Services You Can Count On

Essco is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 to ensure we consistently deliver technically valid test results and calibrations.

50+ Years

caring about your calibration needs


calibrations each year


highly-trained technicians


custom support specialists