We offer both commercial and accredited force calibrations.

Our capabilities include:

  • Load Cells

  • Force Gages

  • Force Transducers

  • Force Sensors

  • Force Test Stands

  • Force Testers

  • Force Indicators

  • Tension Meters

  • Tension Gages

  • Tension Transducers

Using the Morehouse Universal Calibrating Machine we can calibrate force instruments up to 10,000 lbf to a specification of .005% of range. The calibration is performed in both compression and tension.

This is a versatile machine in which an ultra-precision load cell and the instrument to be calibrated are positioned in the machine and loaded in series with a mechanical force. The force is produced by a hydraulic activated precision two speed hand pump especially designed for calibration work.

This machine can calibrate a wide variety of force instruments including load cells, force gages, force transducers, tension gages, tensions meters and tension transducers.

The next time your Force equipment needs calibration please contact us and we’ll give you the turnaround you need and the competitive price you want. At our lab or on-site at your facility we are here to serve your calibration needs.