At Essco, we calibrate a wide range of pressure devices. Our capabilities range from -14.7 to 30,000 psi gage pressure with an accuracy of .02% of reading or better. 

Our Capabilities Include:

  • Pressure Gages

  • Pressure Transducers

  • Master Pressure Gages 

  • Compound Gages 

  • Pressure Indicators

  • Pressure Transmitters 

  • Pressure Valves

  • Pressure Controllers

  • Dead Weight Testers

Our full range of pressure capabilities are included in our ISO 17025 Scope of Accreditation.

With our Fluke/Ruska 7250LP pressure controller we are capable of generating and measuring pneumatic pressures in the range of 0 to 30 inches of water column with an accuracy of +/- 0.01% of reading.

When testing pneumatic pressure devices in the range of 9 to 1000psi we use a Fluke/ DHI PPC4 Pressure Controller, monitored by an external RPM4 Reference Pressure Monitor. This allows us to achieve an accuracy of +/- 0.008% of reading.

For generating pneumatic pressures as high as 10,000psi we utilize a Fluke/ DHI GB-75 Gas Pressure Booster in conjunction with a Condec Orion 3A Manual Pressure Controller. This is also monitored by an RPM4 Reference Pressure Monitor and has an accuracy of 0.013% of reading.

At the high end of our range we use the Fluke/DHI RPM4-E-DWT Electronic Deadweight tester. It is capable of generating hydraulic pressures up to 30,000psi at an accuracy of +/- 0.02% of reading.

From analog pressure gages to high end pressure transduces; digital pressure standards and deadweight testers, we have you covered.

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Pressure Calibrations

  • “We have been working with Essco since 2013. They visit annually to perform calibrations on various test and measurement equipment. They have always been professional and efficient. It usually takes them less time to calibrate then scheduled. They work quickly and efficiently even when accommodating calibration requests that were not scheduled before the visit. Wonderful experience with great customer care and experience. Thank you, Essco!”

    Shawn Sweeney

The next time your Pressure equipment needs calibration please contact us and we’ll give you the turnaround you need and the competitive price you want. At our lab or on-site at your facility we are here to serve your calibration needs.