Do you know that Essco provides calibration service on High Voltage Instruments. Some of the items we service include: High Voltage Dividers, High Voltage Probes, Electrostatic Meters, Hipots, Ground Testers, High Voltage power supplies.

Our ranges include:

  • Upper limits (measure, low frequency):  70 kV DC, 10 kV AC up to 600 Hz, 50 kV AC up to 450 Hz.
  • Upper limits (measure, high frequency):  20 kV AC up to 500 kHz, lower voltages up to 75 MHz.
  • Upper limits (generate):  50 kV DC, 50 kV AC @ 60 Hz.

The next time your High Voltage equipment needs calibration please contact us and we’ll give you the turnaround you need and the competitive price you want. At our lab or on-site at your facility we are here to serve your calibration needs.