Using our Fluke Molbox/Molbloc system we are able to perform high accuracy gas flow calibrations on most common flow devices. Our calibration range is 0.005 – 100 Lpm.  

Gas flow calibrations are within our ISO/IEC 17025:2005 scope of accreditation. 

Our capabilities include:

  • Mass Flow Meters 

  • Mass Flow Controllers 

  • Variable Area Flow Meters 

  • Gas Flow Meters 

  • Air Flow Meters 

  • Air Flow Gages 

  • Rotameters

Gas flow calibration ranges:

Flow Units Range Minumim Range Maximum
SCCM 0.5 100,000
SCFH 0.0011 211.9
SCFM 0.000018 3.531
SLPM 0.0005 100

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The next time your Gas Flow equipment needs calibration please contact us and we’ll give you the turnaround you need and the competitive price you want.  We are here to  serve your calibration needs.