We offer both commercial and accredited anemometer calibrations.

Our Capabilities include:

  • Anemometers 

  • Air Velocity Meters 

  • Rotary Vane Anemometers 

  • Hot Wire Anemometers 

  • Ultrasonic Anemometers 

  • Velocity Probes 

Over the years we have invested in not just one but two wind tunnels to support anemometer calibrations.

Our Airflow Open Jet Wind Tunnel has a flow rate of 500 to 6,000 fpm (2.54 to 30.5 m/s). This wind tunnel is designed to calibrate rotary vane type and ultrasonic anemometers.

Our Omega WT4401 Wind Tunnel has a flow rate of 500 to 9,000 fpm (2.54 to 45 m/s). This wind tunnel is designed to calibrate hot wire type anemometers. 

Using our Dwyer 167-6 Pitot Tube, we are able to measure the velocity from 500 to 9,000 fpm (2.54 to 45 m/s) with an uncertainty of 1% of reading. This is designed to calibrate all types of anemometers. 

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Anemometer Calibration

  • “Essco has provided excellent calibration services for Bravo Technical Services to meet our ISO17025 requirement. Prompt pickup and delivery is very convenient. We appreciated a case when a meter had to be calibrated same day for an unexpected critical onsite service call and Essco came through for us keeping us advised of the progress and delivering same day. Thank you, Essco!”

    Warren Stevenson

The next time your velocity equipment needs calibration please contact us and we’ll give you the turnaround you need and the competitive price you want.