At Essco, we calibrate a wide range of pressure devices. Our capabilities range from -14.7 to 30,000 psi gage pressure with an accuracy of +/- .02% of reading or better. Our full range of pressure capabilities are included in our ISO 17025 Scope of Accreditation. Using our acrylic chamber, in conjunction with our Fluke/DHI RPM4 we can calibrate most any barometer with an accuracy of +/- .008% of reading. With our Fluke/Ruska 7250LP Pressure Controller we are capable of generating and measuring pneumatic pressures in the range of 0 to 30 inches of water column with an accuracy of +/- 0.01% of reading. When testing pneumatic pressure devices in the range of 9 to 1000psi we use a Fluke/ DHI PPC4 Pressure Controller, monitored by an external RPM4 Reference Pressure Monitor. This allows us to achieve an accuracy of +/- 0.008% of reading. For generating pneumatic pressures as high as 10,000psi we utilize a Fluke/ DHI GB-75 Gas Pressure Booster in conjunction with a Condec Orion 3A Manual Pressure Controller. This is also monitored by an RPM4 Reference Pressure Monitor and has an accuracy of 0.013% of reading. At the high end of our range we use the Fluke/DHI RPM4-E-DWT Electronic Deadweight tester. It is capable of generating hydraulic pressures up to 30,000psi at an accuracy of +/- 0.02% of reading. From analog pressure gages and barometers to high end pressure transducers; digital pressure standards and deadweight testers, we have you covered.