With the addition of a new open jet wind tunnel we now have the capability to calibrate vane type anemometers. The Airflow Special Products Ltd. Anemometer Calibration Rig-Open Jet Wind Tunnel is designed for the calibration of vane type anemometers. The Open Jet Wind Tunnel has a velocity range 0.25 to 30.5m/sec. (50 to 6000 ft/min.). The Open Jet Wind Tunnel consists of a centrifugal fan, driven by a 2.2kW motor with frequency speed controller. The fan supplies air through a duct transition into a 200mm diameter orifice meter measuring section fitted with a quick release clamping arrangement for changing orifice plates. After passing through the orifice meter the air enters a smoothing chamber fitted with perforated screens and a honeycomb flow straightener, which provides uniform flow into the final contraction section. The contraction is then terminated with a sharp edge exit nozzle to which the air is delivered at test velocity providing a uniform air stream 125mm diameter. The next time your anemometer needs calibration give us a call and we'll give you the service you expect and the quality you deserve.