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New CDI 2000-1 Torque Multitest Calibration System

Keeping with our constant commitment to expanding our capabilities and providing our customers with the most comprehensive calibration services, we have recently purchased a CDI Torque Multitest Premier Calibration System. 

This new standard allows us to perform hands-free calibrations on Torque Wrenches up to 2000 ft/lbs as well as Tensiometers/Cable Tension Meters all with a single standard. 

Specs on this new standard are as follows:

Torque Specifications:

0inoz to 5inoz: ±0.025inoz

5inoz to 20inoz: ±0.5%rdg

20inoz to 2000ftlb: ±0.25%rdg

Cable Tensiometers Specifications:

0 LBF to 12.5 LBF: ±0.03125 LBF

12.5 LBF to 2000 LBF: ±0.25%rdg

Torque Transducers Specifications:

Up to 2000FTLB

You can get more information about this and all of our other capabilities by contacting us.