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  • Automated Calibrations for Fluke Multifuction Calibrators

    Using the Fluke MET/CALĀ® Plus Version 7.7 calibration management software we can perform fast, repeatable and powerful automated calibrations and store all parameters for every calibration test step for future reporting.

    This saves us time and reduces turnaround time for you. This time saving allows us to pass on the savings to you in the form of very competitive calibration costs.
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  • Our New Light Meter Calibration Capability

    Essco Calibration Laboratory is one of the few third-party laboratories in the nation to offer photometry calibration. With the addition of the Hoffman Engineering PCS-600 calibration system for illuminance meters we are now capable of calibrating photometers used for incident light measurement (foot-candle or Lux meters). Housed in our newly designed dark room.

  • How low do you go?

    We have expanded our low range pressure capabilities with the addition of the Fluke 7250LP Low Pressure Calibrator.

    The 7250LP low pressure digital pressure calibrator is specifically designed to meet the demanding performance requirements of calibrating low pressure sensors, transducers, mechanical gauges, portable calibrators and their plug-in modules.

    To accommodate bidirectional… Read More»

  • New Ohm Labs High Voltage Standard

    With the recent acquisition of an Ohm Labs HVS-50 High Voltage Standard we have expanded our high voltage measurement capabilities.


    The HVS-50 is a Primary level 50kVDC/35kVAC resistive divider using precision matched resistors. The high voltage resistors are enclosed in an acrylic tube, protecting them from dust and contamination. This design is an upgrade on the HVA series of high… Read More»

  • New Open Jet Wind Tunnel

    With the addition of a new open jet wind tunnel we now have the capability to calibrate vane type anemometers.

    The Airflow Special Products Ltd. Anemometer Calibration Rig-Open Jet Wind Tunnel is designed for the calibration of vane type anemometers. The Open Jet Wind Tunnel has a velocity range 0.25 to 30.5m/sec. (50 to 6000 ft/min.). The Open Jet Wind Tunnel consists of a centrifugal… Read More»

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