News & Events

  • Humidity Calibration

    To better serve our ever growing humidity calibration business, we are happy to announce the purchase of a Kaymount M2000SPA-X humidity generator. With specifications of ± 0.8% RH and ± 0.1°C at 25°C and a full operating humidity range of 5-95% RH. The M2000SPA-X is perfect for calibrating chart recorders, wall-mounted data loggers, and humidity probes. Along with this purchase, we… Read More»

  • Michael Schwartz - CEO at Cal Lab Solutions

    We welcomed Michael Schwartz to Essco earlier this month. Michael is the CEO at Cal Lab Solutions and the publisher of Cal Lab Magazine. We contracted Michael to expand our automation capabilities regarding the calibration of long scale Digital Multimeters. His specific task was the development of the software which will allow us to calibrate and adjust the Fluke 8508A DMM. The 8508A… Read More»

  • Essco team members in our newly expanded lab space

  • RTD Calibration

    Justin is performing an RTD calibration at  minus 196 °C in our new temperature laboratory. Using our MetTemp software, we can calibrate RTD probes to both the ITS-90 curve and the Callendar-Van Dusen curve.  

  • Our newly expanded lab

    Our newly expanded dimensional laboratory is open for your inspection. This environmentally controlled laboratory ensures the correct atmosphere for the precise measurements your instruments require.



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